Baby Swag Illustration + Life Update

I really cannot explain how much I love to dress my son, I am always online buying him the craziest clothes and looking for new ideas. So when I stumbled across the Babies With Swag blog I was in toddler fashion heaven. This little guy was the first baby that caught my eye while I was browsing the site and I love the contrast and the pops of color in his ensemble so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to illustrate him. Isn't he so adorable.

I have decided to do a line of illustrations which I will make into a series of publications and I can't wait to share them with you and give you more details later. So be on the look out.

Also I will be going to Phoenix this weekend to find a house for myself and my family if any of you guys know of some great areas with reasonable prices please let me know. My birthday is on Friday as well so let me know where the great restaurants are. And if any of you fellow bloggers are in the area and would like to meet and greet let me know I would be so pleased to meet you.

As always thanks for reading,

Love Destiney

Baby Swag

Hello my lovely readers! Today is Thursday the week is almost over and I am beat! Projects and Exams have crowded my week I have barely had a second to myself! But it feels good to be senior in my last year of college and I am trying to embrace the moment. Pretty soon I am going to miss the studying and the late nights spent painting.
These are drawings of a fly baby boy! I found these on Pinterest and one of my instagram followers baby_swagg posted it not to long ago! I fell in love with this child because I dress my baby according to the swag that I see in him! Whoever the parents are of this child good job I love it! If any of you know who's child this is please let them know that I have illustrated him not for profit just for fun and I want to acknowlege them on my site.
One of my favorite parts of the day is dressing my son up like a little man! I don't even want to think about him being all grown up and us not getting to do that anymore. I have decided to do a week of illustrations featuring swagged out babies boys and girls. If you love to dress your baby up email me a photo and I will illustrate it and post it here!

p.s I am still taking commisions for blog headers, portraits, ect. email me!