Baby Swag

Hello my lovely readers! Today is Thursday the week is almost over and I am beat! Projects and Exams have crowded my week I have barely had a second to myself! But it feels good to be senior in my last year of college and I am trying to embrace the moment. Pretty soon I am going to miss the studying and the late nights spent painting.
These are drawings of a fly baby boy! I found these on Pinterest and one of my instagram followers baby_swagg posted it not to long ago! I fell in love with this child because I dress my baby according to the swag that I see in him! Whoever the parents are of this child good job I love it! If any of you know who's child this is please let them know that I have illustrated him not for profit just for fun and I want to acknowlege them on my site.
One of my favorite parts of the day is dressing my son up like a little man! I don't even want to think about him being all grown up and us not getting to do that anymore. I have decided to do a week of illustrations featuring swagged out babies boys and girls. If you love to dress your baby up email me a photo and I will illustrate it and post it here!

p.s I am still taking commisions for blog headers, portraits, ect. email me!