A Mother's Love

Happy Late Mother's Day!

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb."

Psalms 139:13

I finally graduated guys and Mother's day was the next day so I had a super exciting and very amazing weekend. I found this beautiful photo on Pinterest and I was absolutely amazed it is the epitome of a mother's love for her child. I hope that all of the mothers had an amazing weekend and the recent graduates as well. 

In this illustration I used ink, watercolor, and colored pencil. This is one of my favorites and it will be available in my etsy shop this week. I would upload the link once I finish updating it.

As always thank you for reading, I have a lot of great posts in store for you guys so I will be back soon.

Love Destiney


Hello my lovely readers! I have been working on this graphic all day and I am really happy with it! I'm going to start incorporating more graphic art into my portfolio. I have a few projects in mind that will combine graphic arts with traditional arts so don't worry I won't be leaving my roots behind. 

I found a photo on


of the most adorable little librarian so I edited her to meet my needs. I drew the illustration out by hand and then scanned it into my computer and added the color. Tell me what you think about this I would love to read your thoughts. 

I have a big day tomorrow so you guys have a good day or night.

As always thanks for reading...


Inspired by Thursday

Hi guys, I know that I have been gone forever i'm still in thesis and working really hard to finish so that I can graduate and find a very creative job. In case you guys aren't on instagram this is a piece that I posted last week. This is an illustration of Nini from her blog

Nini Styles

, I have been following her blog for a while and I am very inspired by her determination and her hard work demeanor. She saw this illustration on instagram and she made it her profile picture which was awesome I am so excited about that. I'm not the type of artist that ignores the opinions of my viewers I do care so for her to show that much gratitude to this illustration really made me happy. On that note i'm going to leave you with this fun fact and small quote that keeps me going on my good and bad days.

" I do so many things for everyone around me to make them happy, creating works of art is what makes me happy because art may not be who I am but it plays a big part in helping me to be who I have always been".

Thanks for reading guys I will be back with another post as soon as I can.