Steve Madden Meet up + Giveaway Winners

Ok so I apologize for my lack of following my posting schedule but I am getting on my feet guys! I am so grateful for all of the orders I received for portrait commisions and I just want to Thank everyone for supporting my art. Thank you for your kind comments and likes and shares!!!

So quick recap of the last week. I decided to do a giveaway on facebook and instagram!! I chose two winners using the winner generator. I required anyone interested to follow me on instagram or facebook, like the post mentioning the giveaway, share a piece of my work and tag me, and send a photo from their wedding or a friend or family members wedding for me to add them into the contest. The giveaway was wedding themed in honor of wedding season. My winners were announced on facebook and instagram with the finished pieces so check it out!!


If you were unable to enter this giveaway that's ok! I will be having another one soon, I will keep you guys informed. I attended a few networking events, one being the create.connect blogger networking event in Nashville held by The Blogger Girls. It was amazing I met some inspiring bloggers and I can't wait to work with them outside of the event. I also went to a few art shows and the Murfreesboro Art Crawl as i'm interested in showcasing my work at the next event in May! Along with the events I have also been painting the giveaway paintings and working on commission work which I will post soon but I don't want to post before my clients have received their pieces. I have enjoyed being busy and meeting new people this week!!! I'm so excited to schedule events this week and meet more people and make more art!

But on to the subject of this blog!! I met Steve Madden!!! The man behind the shoes guys!! I love shoes I love Steve Madden and I was so excited when I received an email asking me to come to his event and present him with a piece of my art!!

I jumped on the chance and I got to meet Steve!! I didn't start the painting until 4am Saturday morning and Steve was going to be at the Spring Hill Mall in Nashville at 3:30pm. Of course my motherly duties did not get put on hold to allow me to finish this painting in time for the event. I juggled the children while my husband was hiking with coworkers and painted as much as I could but of course none of that was uninterrupted. 

My husband made it home around 1:30pm. I was still struggling to finish and not showered or dressed for the event yet and the kids were doing that clingy thing they do, you mom's know what I mean. So I was discouraged I almost quit but I shook those thoughts from my head and kept going! I finished the painting at 2:43pm. I ran upstairs showered very quickly grabbed a dress from my closet, slapped on some makeup and jetted out of the door! 

I live 45 minutes from the mall where Steve was appearing so I put the pedal to the medal! ( I only went 5 over). I arrived at the mall at 4:07pm. There was no parking! I freaked out and called my husband who calmed me down and helped me refocus. I found a parking spot on the third story of the Nordstrom parking garage and I got out of the car and ran for my life. At this point it was 4:17pm. I got off of the escalator and ran to the back of the line for Steve Madden (and it was long) only to be told the line was closed and he was no longer accepting fans. I was so upset. I did not put up much of a fight, I handed my painting to the mall manager and asked her to give it to Steve for me. 

She was so polite she said "now you know I can't just give him this he's going to want to receive it from you"! So she asked me to wait and she walked up to Steve showed him my painting and he said " No you have to let her in line" I was so excited I couldn't breathe!!! Everyone in line wanted to see my painting and told me how awesome it was and even took my card and put in orders of there own I was so happy!! 

When I got to the front of the line Steve gave me hug and thanked me for painting the piece for him! He asked if he could take it home and I said OF COURSE this is for you! He thanked me again and said you know what we will talk do I have your contact information. I said yes its on my card on the back of the painting! He said great and we took this photo!!! 

That was definitely an experience and I'm glad I didn't give up because I felt so defeated.

This was a lengthy post but moral of the story is keep going even when everything in your body is telling you to quit!!!

Have a great Monday guys!!





Where Have You Been?

So I have been on the longest hiatus ever but I'm back and ready to give my blog another try. I am very thankful for those of you who have reached out to me about my art. I love you for commissioning my work and continuing to support my craft! To answer the inevitable question of where have you been? What have you been doing? Where can I find more of your work? Are you still making work?

I moved to Arizona in the fall of 2013 I worked and helped my husband support our family and I took up commissions here and there but I did not commit myself to making art which really took a toll on me. In the fall of 2014 I had a new baby boy we named him Princeton and he has been a very demanding little infant so I have been busying myself with commissions and sketches in my free time. Shortly after my maternity leave ended and I went back to work my husband and I decided that 2 kids+no family+both of us working full time did not = happiness so we packed up and moved to Nashville Tennessee! Only 3 1/2 hours away from our family in Mississippi!

 So here we are and I'm back and so ready to paint and draw again! I have a show here in Nashville in July and I'm working on it now so stay tuned for updates! I'm committing myself to making art my job because it truly is my passion and I have a lot to say through my art! Thank you again for your continued support.

-Love Destiney

Baby Swag Illustration + Life Update

I really cannot explain how much I love to dress my son, I am always online buying him the craziest clothes and looking for new ideas. So when I stumbled across the Babies With Swag blog I was in toddler fashion heaven. This little guy was the first baby that caught my eye while I was browsing the site and I love the contrast and the pops of color in his ensemble so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to illustrate him. Isn't he so adorable.

I have decided to do a line of illustrations which I will make into a series of publications and I can't wait to share them with you and give you more details later. So be on the look out.

Also I will be going to Phoenix this weekend to find a house for myself and my family if any of you guys know of some great areas with reasonable prices please let me know. My birthday is on Friday as well so let me know where the great restaurants are. And if any of you fellow bloggers are in the area and would like to meet and greet let me know I would be so pleased to meet you.

As always thanks for reading,

Love Destiney