Beautiful Nightmare

Hi guys I have been super busy with school and my son and freelance work that I have been neglecting my blog and I apologize for that. But to get to the point I wore these floral beauties to class last Monday and they were so freakin adorable with my sky blue skirt which was handmade by me ( outfit post coming soon) and my cream chiffon lace blouse! I was rocking that outfit if I must say so myself! But here is the funny part as beautiful and comfortable as my floral baby dolls pumps are they sent me flying and I am not exaggerating! I wear my heels to class because I'm a working college student and mom so I don't go out or anything so I dress up for class and errands! Walking to class in these bad girls was hectic! I fell down a hill, walking up the stairs, walking through doors and I wasn't embarrassed because I fall all of the time! I can't seem to get myself together! And I know you are thinking why didn't you just take them off? Well I am a believer in practice makes perfect, plus walking in those heels was a great work out! As many times as I fell in those shoes I can't part with them. I am determined to find my stride in those babies they are just to cute to give away!
Have a nice day guys and thanks for reading!