Mellow in Yellow

Defining my destiny as I make my mark on the world,
Expressing the beauty that I observe with words and colors,
Embracing my personality with love and acceptance,
Enjoying the probe large of live as I live,
Consuming the love that is presented to me,
Loving those that allow it,
Defining life as I live it,
Living life as I know it,
Truly definite

This is what I wore to watercolor class and work last Tuesday. I got this dress from forever 21 for $13! And it fits so beautifully! It's very effortless and comfortable! And when I walk it flows behind me and I feel so elegant! Yellow is also my favorite color which made me fall in love with this dress even more! I paired it with my purple skinny belt and my purple and leopard print wedges I kept my jewelry simple with a gold ring and watch and gold studded earrings! I pulled my hair up and allowed the outfit to speak for itself and I got tons of comments! I even thought about replacing the dress I bought to wear for my birthday ( June 14 ) with this one but I'm still debating! Have a great day everyone and as always thanks for reading!