Dreaming in Blue

Sometimes I walk as though I have nowhere to go,
Whats the rush,
I never carry an umbrella,
I get a thrill from the surprise of being caught in the rain,
I dream when everyone else is moving so fast,
I sit still and enjoy the beauty of my surroundings,
I allow inspiration to feed my mind,
I am the observer, the appreciative of all thing beautiful

Hi guys I have been really enjoying myself this week, I have enjoyed class, work, jerrian, my friends, just everything. The Mississippi weather has been beautiful for the past couple of days and I have been embracing nature to the fullest with my little guy. But anyways about this outfit! I wore this to class on Wednesday and I got alot of compliments. The pants are New York and Co. I got them from the Goodwill in my home town (Batesville, MS) for $2 over spring break and they fit so elegantly. I got the top from the Goodwill also for $1, and I was so excited because I love the leopard print and the texture of the blouse is so beautiful, the shoes are Jessica Simpson and I bought those from Macy's 2 years ago on sale for $20.00 I never got to wear them until now and I love them! Thanks for reading guys have a great day!