Green with Confidence

Hi guys I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Im currently obsessing over the fact that I am a college senior! Im trying to figure out what my career path will be and thinking about things like that can be so overwhelming. I know that I want a career in fashion illustration and I am more than willing to do the work that its going to take its just scary to make big moves and changes in your life! Anyways I wore this to class Monday and I couldn't have been more comfortable and confident! Im a curvy girl I have wide hips, and thick legs with a small torso so its hard for me to find jeans that fit me comfortably and actually fit my body right but these were absolutely perfect I couldn't be more in love with these jeans! Even in this hot and very humid Mississippi weather I felt light as air and very comfortable. And these jeans were only $10!  I caught them on sale at Its Fashion Metro! Im a low end shopper so this was a perfect steal for me!
Have a great day guys thanks for stopping by!

Also if any of you stylish darlings would like to be illustrated and featured on my blog email me! I will be doing a featured week soon and I would love to show you all off! Male or female!