Nautical Beauty

Hi guys, I know I have been gone forever but I lost my inspiration for a little while. I also had a birthday on June 14 and I am now 21. I am so excited and ready to begin a new age of me. Hello to all of my new followers and thank you so much I really and truly appreciate your support. I have been taking time to enjoy my everyday life and trying to find time to relax and also rediscovering my passion. Sometimes doing what you love can take over your duties which in my case can't happen so I have been appreciating my other passions lately. But anyways i'm back now and I have alot of things to show you guys and first up is this nautical beauty that I found floating around on pinterest. I was immediately intrigued and my artistic eye had to see this illustrated so here it is! I am really proud of the final product. I have been painting really large things lately and this is in that category so I had to scan it in section. I have been trying alot of new things lately and I can't wait to show them to you. As you guys know i'm starting thesis in the fall so I am preparing myself for an awesome last year of art school. I hope you enjoy!