All Things Purple

Hello my lovely readers! Welcome to the new year! I hope you guys are loving who you are already but if not lets work on becoming someone that we can love! I have officially started my thesis and an exciting new internship! My son is growing up so fast right before my eyes! 22 months and the conversations and playtime that we have together are amazing.
This illustration is one of my favorites I love balloons and purple of course, this blog is now one of my everyday reads so check it out Peace, Love, Shea.
 I began my new year with the people that I plan to spend the rest of my life loving and I didn't make any new goals i'm not into that i'm just concentrating on bettering myself and ending my final semester at state so that I can begin an exciting new career. I hope you guys had awesome holidays and that everything is going well with you. Until next time...... Love Destiney