The Last Fashion Illustration

Hi my lovely readers, I have been living and  breathing my thesis work. I practically live in my studio, I am so focused on what I have to do to graduate and start a career that I have barely been able to think about my blog. When life is happening right before your eyes and your enjoying it the social world really isn't that important so don't forget to enjoy your life. The social world isn't going anywhere but there are only so many beautiful days with the people you love. 
This will be my last fashion illustration for awhile, I am currently working on new things that inspire me. As an artist I am constantly changing and evolving. Every day i'm inspired by someone or something new and I think that is a good thing. So don't feel discouraged you are going to love my new work I will still be uploading when i'm not busy working in the studio.
This is Frassy, she is an American girl living and working in Paris. I am simply in love with her style and her passion for paris so inspiring.
I have to go now guys but I won't be gone long! I can't wait to show you my new work I think i'm becoming more of the type of artist that suits me!