I Quit My Job to be an Artist!

So I'm just going to jump right into it! Hi, I'm Destiney, I quit my corporate job to be a stay at home mom and artist! I have to be crazy right? Because artists don't make any money right? Stay at home moms are way to busy to run a business let alone create art right?

Wrong! And let me tell you why your wrong. I'm a big dreamer but I also put everything I have into the task at hand. I'm one of those women who sets my mind to a task and I complete it with every ounce of passion and determination I can find. I don't have a plan B, I only know that this will work for me because I not only want it to work I will challenge myself everyday until I make my dreams my reality. 

Am I scared? Yes. If your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough. I haven't met any successful people who were not afraid when they started their business. I have faith that my talents have a purpose. I refuse to waste my life working only for money. I want to enjoy my work, my life, my family. I want to travel and inspire other artists to live their dreams and show my fellow creatives that a career in the arts is possible.

This is my story. It may not be the path you should take or what works for you but I would like to share my progress and my success with the world. So hit the follow and like button and keep up with my progress every Monday and Thursday. 

I will be posting a video on my Youtube channel which goes into detail regarding my decision to leave my job to pursue my passion and my tips for anyone looking to do the same. I will also be posting my progress and bringing you guys along with me to meetings, art shows, networking events, and giving you a look into my daily life! Juggling my two children, my husband, my business, and my friends. I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Thanks for stopping by!