What an amazing summer we are having, the weather here in Missisippi has been absolutely amazing. I have been so inspired by nature lately, i'm working on a series of paintings inspired by the great outdoors.

So lets get to the illustration above. I saw this beautiful baby on instagram and I just had to illustrate her she looks amazing in this head wrap and she made for the perfect illustration. I have in progress shots of the creation process and if that is something that you guys would be interested in seeing please let me know. I used watercolor, colored pencil, and ink on this beauty and she turned out better than I expected. I am really into children's illustration and fashion so I am also working on new projects which will feature fashionable children. I hope you guys are enjoying your summer. Please comment and let me know what you think of this illustration.

Love Destiney


Hi guys! I hope everyone is enjoying the arrival of fall! I know that Jerrian and I are we just can't stay inside with the weather being so perfect!
This is an illustration of my little Jerrian! This is what he wore to daycare on friday. I was going for a sophisticated super hero look and I don't think I did to bad. He wore his spiderman rebok, dark denim levis, ralph lauren button down and I made the tie for him!
I love dressing my baby in fun outfits and he loves it also! One of the many things that we do together is pick out his clothes for school. After I dress him up he looks at himself in the mirror and smiles it's so cute I just can't take it!
I went for a comic book feel when I created this illustration to follow up with the superman outfit and I am really happy with the turn out. My style is of drawing is all over the place I like for things to look differently depending on what ;im illustrating but I don't mimick styles I don't even look at anything when i'm drawing I do it all from memory which to me gives my work a piece of my personality.
I used prismacolor markers, ball point pens, and colored pencils for this illustration.
Thank you for stopping by and reading my ramblings for today have a nice day!

p.s. If you have an adorable kid or if you just want an illustration of yourself done email me I do commisions for very reasonable prices