Chanel Craves

Hi everyone! Meet Chanel from Chanel Craves. She is a Southern Blogger like myself currently residing in Louisiana and her style is amazing! I stumbled across her blog about a month ago and I have been hooked every since! Her wardrobe is very femine but it is so daring at the same time! She inspires me to bring the edge! I will be investing in few new spicy materials thanks to Chanel!
But here is why I chose this particular image! Orange and animal print are an amazing combo and one of my very favorites so these colors really caught my eye! Chanel has so many amazing outfits that I actually drew from three different images but my mind kept coming back to this one so I knew that I had to finalize it! Also this pose is so boss lady! I love it! very bold and demanding! Also the leather pants were what took this outfit over the edge they changed this entire ensemble into a very spicy combination!
I really enjoyed illustrating Chanel and I am so excited that she gave me permission to do so! Head over and check her out you won't be disappointed!
Im off to my hunny's graduation I will have pics for you tomorrow! Have a great Saturday!