2017 New Years Resolutions (For Artists and Entrepreneurs)

So it's 2017 and you have either made the plunge into a career as a full-time artist, creator, or entrepreneur. Or, you are still contemplating if you want to leave your stable job to pursue a dream that includes financial uncertainty. Either way you are setting your goals and yearly resolutions and planning how you are going to go about executing them. Well i'm here to help you out a little. Here's a list of 2017 New Year's Resolutions for Creative Entrepreneurs! I hope this helps!


Every career should have a consistent networking schedule. Whether you start locally or online it is important to talk to the people who inspire you, the people who are making strides to fulfill their dreams and connect with them. Build real lasting relationships. You never know who you could meet at the network after work mixer or the local art galleries! Surrounding yourself with like minded and driven individuals can have a lasting affect! Plus you get to make new friends!


Ok, so I know this is very general and you see this every where. And i'm not just talking about consistently posting on your social media or consistently creating product. Those things are very important, but I am speaking towards everything! Be consistent with your work schedule. If you are going to create your blog content on Sundays and post on Monday and Wednesday honor the commitment you set. If you are going to focus on marketing and promotion on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 hours, just do it. Don't let yourself lose focus!

3. INVEST IN YOURSELF (and your business)

Create a Business Plan complete with a budget and expenses. (Download my free Business Plan for Creative Entrepreneurs Here). No matter how big or small. Be sure to include enough for at least one workshop to help you learn a new skill towards creating your products or building your business. Dedicate a certain amount of time per week to work on a skill you would like to be better at. Don't go cheap on those supplies you need, save the money, raise the money, earn the money to get quality professional materials. Always take the time you need to clear your mind and relieve stress so you don't over think everything!


Create an event and you be the host! Whether its a fashion show, art show, pop up, or networking event you should get out of your shell and introduce yourself to your city. Meet people like you or people who admire your work. This is the age of social media and you never know who is watching you and wishing they knew you. Attend events as a vendor, submit your work for group shows or set up a booth at the local art fair. This goes along with networking but its also a great way to let people know who you are and what your doing so you can create a client base.


No matter what, never give up! Being in business for yourself gets hard, your savings will run out, sometimes your sales will be amazing and sometimes you will feel like no one knows you exist. You have to keep working. Keep believing in yourself and keep building your network, creating your work, and taking advantage of every opportunity that fits your craft and business. You can do it!!!

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Comment below and tell me what some of your resolutions are!

As always thank you for reading!