It's Been Awhile

Hello my lovely readers I have missed you dearly. I apologize for my absence I am frantically beginning my final thesis and ending fall semester strong. Finals are almost over and you guys are going to get to see alot more of my work and read about my hectic normal life! To the bloggers who have spoken to me about guest posts I will have those posting next week, I apologize for my delayed responses I am really busy with college stuff but I promise that I will keep my word.
Did you guys enjoy the Thanksgiving?
This is an illustration that has been sitting in my computer waiting to grace you guys with it's appearance. Brooklyn Blonde inspired these illustrations. Her blog was the first blog that I discovered 2 years ago and I still follow and read her blog everyday. You guys should too. Her style is so feminine, chic, and edgy I love it. I did these illustrations in black and white with a pop of read so that I could go crazy with the detail. Every piece that she wears has so much to look at and I didn't want the beautiful colors to distract you from that.
My son is getting into his terrible two's and he has been keeping me on my toes lately. I am done Christmas shopping and I am so excited. 
I have to go now I am in the middle of making a powerpoint presentation and chasing my baby boy and his dad around the house.
I hope everything is going well for everyone. I will be back for your full attention soon.