Hi my lovely readers! I hope everyone has been enjoying the week so far tomorrow is friday and i'm going to Alabama with my Senior Research class to look at graduate programs and cool exhibitions and i'm really excited about that! Whats going on with you guys I would love to know?
This is a mixed media piece that I created for Krystal of A Pinch of Lovely! She featured this on her blog and I was so excited  because this was my very first feature and I recieved an amazing response from some of her readers so you guys please support me and go check it our and leave comments here and on her page here.
If you follow me on instagram @poeticallyillustrated then you have seen some of the work that I have been posting for up coming posts. I know I haven't been updating the blog alot this week but I have been working on some great illustrations for breast cancer awareness and other bloggers that inspire me to continue my blog and write to my readers instead of just posting my work or photos. What do you guys think do you like to read my ramblings? If so I will write more and if not that doesn't necessarily mean that I would write less but we will see.
Thanks for reading I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week!