Stripes Stripes Baby

Hi guys today I am introducing you to Sydney from The Daybook I have been following her blog for a year now and I absolutely love the honest and real demeanor that comes through on her blog. Her style is very chic with a creative and comfy twist and I simply cannot keep following her blog without atleast illustrating one photo and Sydney I really hope you don't mind.
Also what makes me more drawn to this blog in particular is that Sydney is a mom and wife, we have this in common. I also have a sweet baby boy and a wonderful man in my life, I just love to read about Sydney and Everett's everyday accidents and precious moments because I share those feelings about my son so I can actually relate to her blog. Also I noticed that she avoids the typical trendy fashions and dresses for her personality another similarity that we share. All and all I think you guys should visit her blog you won't be disappointed.