A New Part of Me

So as you guys know I am an artist and I am very passionate about my craft as an artist and a lover of all things creative. Well I also have a burning love for fashion. I love to express myself through my wardrobe and I have always been this way. I secretly make clothes and purses of my own because I wasn't sure that my taste would be welcomed by anyone because it's so out there but I feel like what is the point in putting your heart into what you love and no one else can enjoy it. So I present to you my oversized tribal clutch bag! Handmade by me I love it and it's such a statement bag and I would feel so guilty if I didn't share this with you. This bag is the first one in a series of six and this one is now available for purchase on my etsy which is wwww.destineypowell@etsy.com thank you for reading!