Jerrian Meets Mickey

  Hi guys I have been meaning to post this for you guys all week but I have been really enjoying spring break! But anyways these are illustrations that I did at my sons very first birthday party (sorry that I didn't add color to them I like them in the original graphite for some reason) he made his one year mark on March 5 and I am just like WOW where did the time go? Every moment with him has truly been wonderful and I am so excited for the years to come! Back to the topic.... The party was themed Mickey Mouse ClubHouse so of course the cake had to be crazy colorful and big so we went with the two tier present cake and I am so happy with the way that it turned out it was beautiful as well as delicious! The kids loved it and Jerrian snuck in a few finger swipes of icing!
 I have a really funny story for you guys! Since the party was mickey mouse themed of course we invited the charmer himself MICKEY and OH MY GOSH the kids were estatic some were scared and crying others were dancing and playing with him it was so sweet and truly an amazing party! But heres the story! I had been trying to get Jerrian to take his lunch hour nap so that he wouldn't fall asleep at his party which started at 2pm but that didn't work! He skipped his nap and we went to the party and he played and laughed and ate and FELL ASLEEP! Yes I couldn't even be upset about it because he's so darn cute and he enjoyed himself! He got to see mickey for the first five minutes long enough to grab his present and smile and run into my arms to fall into that slumber! Luckily we got a photo of him and Mickey! I absolutely had to illustrate it because look at it! Its an unforgettable moment! I can't wait to tell him this story when he's older!
Thanks for reading guys I have some Illustrations of my spring break wardrobe coming this week and I am also in the process of starting a store for my clothes and illustrations on etsy so stay on the look out for that!