Hey guys I know it has seemed like I dropped from the face of the earth but I have actually just been enjoying my little break from school and work so I decided to take a break from blogging too but I have missed it so much and I am back and ready for a fresh start. While I was gone I reached 1000 pageviews and I just want to say thanks to all of you! Welcome to my new followers and those of you that visit but don't follow I thank you also. But about this post this weekend me and one of my best girlfriends went to see SPARKLE! The movie was awesome and all of the ladies of this cast blew me away with their beautiful voices. The best part of the movie in my opinion was the end of the movie. When I saw Jordan Sparks in this gorgeous red dress I literally began sketching right their in the movie theater because I had to capture this beauty! She looked stunning! I can't wait for the soundtrack to the movie comes out I will be one of the first to grab it! Well im headed off to my drawing class hopefully I will hear from some of you guys soon! Have a great evening.