Hello everyone! Today is a wonderful day I will soon be on my way to Hattiesburg to meet Christo the installation artist who is responsible for the gates in central park NYC and many other beauties such as canvas covered mountains and pink lined islands! I am so excited!
Anyways to todays post! I am featuring an illustration of Nadia Aboulhosn! Her blog was one of the first that I discovered when I became interested in blogging! She is so inspirational not simply because she's beautiful and curvy like so many women of America she has goals! She sets goals for herself and she strives to meet them. She is slowly working her way into the career of her dreams and I couldn't be more proud of that. She isn't afraid to admit when she feels defeated yet she doesnt give up or give in to the negativity that surrounds her because there is always more love than hate in the world in my opinion. Nadia is so down to earth and she shares here love with her followers and fellow bloggers! When I sent this pic to her she put a copy of it on her social sites and thanks to Nadia I have new followers and a commision job so thank you BOO! So Nadia I love you you are such a sweet heart! Keep doing your thing girl and i'm routing for you! I hope to meet Nadia one day I think we could have a great conversation or collaboration!
Have a great day love i'm off to meet Christo!