Coming Up For Air

I am officially coming up for air... I am very comfortable with saying I am still new in the full time artist field and I am learning as I go. I took on way too much in not enough time! Everything that could have went wrong in the last two weeks did! The boys got sick, Jerrian recuperated quite quickly but my little Princeton was sick for an entire week.  I know my fellow Mom's understand when the babies get sick we go into Mommy mode and nothing else matters. I also had to travel to Mississippi to take care of my mom after a major surgery and I got sick! So yes I have learned my lesson and I am in the process of planning my Fathers Day Sale to include down time or sudden mishaps! But that is ok! I now know better! 

I got to work with some very amazing people creating memories for the women in their lives to help celebrate mothers day! I posted a few photos on Instagram and Facebook and above for you guys! Tell me what you think?

These are just a few of the portraits I will be updating my site with some of them soon! I will be back to my posting schedule of Monday and Wednesday now but I have decided to put my Youtube Channel on hold until I finish my seasonal commissions!

I have some exciting news for you guys in my next blog post and alot of updates coming for the site so be on the look out!

Thank you guys for reading!! 

Talk to you soon!!!