Mommy Meltdown Storytime | A Day In The Life of A Stay At Home Mom

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I woke up at 6:20 a.m this morning, showered and prepared myself for a long, busy, and productive day. Before waking the boys I checked and responded to a few emails. After getting the boys dressed and fed, we headed out the door to take Jerrian to school. 

( Now here is where I knew my day was going from sugar to shit!! Yes I said shit!)

As Princeton stepped out onto the front porch he face planted on the concrete!! I quickly scooped him up and inspected him for blood while walking Jerrian to the car and ushering him into the back seat. After convincing Princeton that he was fine and strapping him in his car seat we preceded to the drop off line. Drop off wen smoothly so I figured, you know maybe we can turn this day around.

(Boy was I ever so wrong)

P (Princeton) and I headed to Kroger after a successful drop off to grab 3 items, milk, bread, and cheese. I was planning on walking right past the shopping carts and just grabbing and hand basket but Princeton walked into the store and took one look to the left and bolted for the cart with the blue car attached. I wasn't up for a fight so I grabbed the cart and began to push. (Keep in mind those things are impossible to navigate through the grocery store).

We got what we needed plus a few more things and made our way to self check out. As i'm grabbing my receipt and loading the cart I overhear the lady next to us say to P, " Look at those cute little toes!!" Now the only way she could have seen his toes is if his shoes were off. So I glance down into the blue car to inspect his feet and yes indeed his shoes were off and nowhere in site! After circling the Kroger for 15 mins I go over to the guest care desk and ask if anyone turned in a pair of cute closed toe brown sandals. To my surprise someone found them and turned them in! I then have a very calm conversation with Princeton about keeping his shoes on and we get in our car and go home to begin our daily routine.

(Princeton took nothing from our conversation, he removed his shoes again in the back seat.)

Let's fast forward this story to lunch time. After a very productive morning completing my commissions, packing them for a trip to the post office, and playing and reading to Princeton. I prepared a simple lunch for my little menace and seated him at the table. But with P being the terrible 2 year old he is he did not stay seated at the table to eat his sandwich. He grabbed one triangle and took the biggest bite his little mouth could take and took off like a race car down the entry way hall. Before I could even scold him for disobeying me he had fell and hurt his head and hand and was screaming as loud as he could. (With a big ass bite of turkey sandwich in his mouth). So you guys know what happens next right. If you guessed that he choked you are correct! He choked on the sandwich!

Now i'm in mommy mode so I rush over to him and begin to pat him on the back. He coughed once and vomit went everywhere!! On me , on him, on the wall, on my fabulous rug! Ugh!! And i'm pregnant and still very naseous so of course I vomit too!  At this point i'm devastated, he's scared and we are both standing there in disgust!

( My goal was to get to the post office by 2:00 p.m just in case there was a line I didn't want to be late getting Jerrian from school at 3:15 p.m).

I snap out of my angry and confused haze and begin to clean the mess. I change his clothes and change my clothes. Clean the wall, the carpet, and the floor. I throw all of the disgusting towels and clothes into the washing machine and head downstairs to load the car. It is now 1:45 p.m and I am confident we can make it to the post office and get to Jerrian on time!

(Again, I was wrong)!

It's potty time so I take Princeton to the bathroom and he sits on the toilet for 10 mins and does nothing. We head to the car and before we can make it out of the door Princeton pee's all over himself.

( REALLY???!!!!)

Now i'm rushing back inside to wash him and change his clothes yet again! By the time we make it back to the car and I get him strapped in and we are prepared to back out of the driveway it's 2:30 p.m.

We get to the post office at 2:49 p.m. ( There was so much traffic!) I turn off the car and proceed to the back door to unbuckle P from his seat and he is sleep! He's sleep!!

( He hasn't taken a nap all week and he wants to choose today of all days to fall asleep!)

Now I have no choice but to go get Jerrian from school first and come back to the post office with him so he can help me carry the very large packaged orders I need to ship!

I'm so frustrated with my day at this point that I break down in tears and call my brother to tell him about it and relieve myself of the pressures to be a good mom!

To skip to the end I made to the post office with a very amazing 6 year old boy ( carrying 5 boxes bigger the he is), a sleeping two year old in one arm, and 3 large packages in the other. I cried in the pickup line and got myself together before my baby got in the car. I had a very awful day, but I wanted to share this because motherhood isn't always cute, fun, and easy! Especially with multiple children. I'm pregnant and I don't get to rest, I still don't eat enough because I forget! And I don't comb my hair or wear makeup and heels everyday. I'm not perfection and I won't portray myself as such, but i'm a good mother. To my boys i'm a teacher, a chef, coach, nurse, friend, but most importantly to them i'm amazing! 

Please don't beat yourself up over the bad days because they happen and it doesn't make us any less of mother's if we need to cry in the car or the pantry for a few mins. It's ok!


Happy Mother's Day Ladies!! And thank you so much for stopping by to read my story time!!


Love Destiney