Vacation Dreams

Hi guys! I have been so busy with summer classes and life! So I am not going to apologize for being absent because things happen! But I will say! Thank you to all 10 of my followers and the people who read my blog but choose not to follow!
I decided to post a quick dry brush painting today because I can't seem to stop dreaming of cool waters and a fresh breeze! Especially with this Mississippi weather burning me to a crisp! Isn't it just beautiful! It is absolutely amazing the things that you can do with watercolors!
And just to update you on my life! My mister graduated from Ole Miss and I am so proud of him he has worked so hard! I finished my junior year at Mississippi State so one more year and i'm going to be joining the real world! Jerrian our son is growing way too fast for my eyes but he is as gorgeous and smart as ever! And I am currently working a new job in the art department on campus! Come on you have to admit that is super cool! And I am taking summer classes so that I can speed up this degree process! Also I came across this wonderful site the blog train whoever invited me THANK YOU! I hope you guys are living your lives with love and dedication! I have more fun illustrations for you and maybe even some photography we will see! Have a great evening loves!