4 Romantic and Fun Things To Do for a Romantic Night Staying in on Valentines Day


I am all for a super romantic bomb ass Valentine’s Day night out with my husband but to be honest he does not like going out to crowded restaurants and movie theaters for an overpriced meal and movie. In an effort to keep things fun and interesting and because I am an avid admirer of the day dedicated to love. Here are my top 4 Fun and Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas Staying In Edition.


This one is for my early risers, the go getters, the working class of America. We have to work, or get our kids to school, or go to the gym, etc. Get the loving going early in the morning, I suggest getting a 2 hour head start to your day. Enjoy watching the sun come up together with a little breakfast in bed and some fun conversation or a throwback classic movie or series. This will not only boost your mood and energize you throughout the day but kickstarting your morning in a loving and open mood with your partner can act as foreplay to your evening in.

2. All Is Fair In Love & War | Bring Out The Nerf Guns

For the more playful couple I always recommend a good Nerf war! Be sure to plan ahead and get all of your materials, Nerf Guns, plenty of bullets, hiding places. Your going to need some water or wine to quench your thirst as well as some finger foods to wind down with. I suggest ending the night with a little Netflix and chill or a couples card game. Learning more about your partner is always fun right?

3. Dinner By Candlelight

This one is for my traditional romantics. I swoon for a candlelit dinner with a nice bottle of wine, dim lights, beautiful fresh flowers, and soft 90’s R&B in the background. Sitting across the table from my husband, looking as beautiful as we feel and enjoying each others company. If you go this route I recommend cooking something that you both love that won’t take the entire day to prepare. You don’t want to get lost in the act of preparing the meal so much that you forget what you were hoping to achieve, which is alone time with your partner. I stick to an easy baked chicken with one to two sides and a salad. Once dinner is complete dance together. Dancing in the living room is just as magical as dancing with a crowd surrounding you. This date night idea will definitely bring you closer to your love and help you realize why you enjoy staying in with them so much.

4. Paint and Sip | Couples Edition

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 4.02.23 PM.png

This is one of my personal faves. Could definitely be due to the fact that I am an artist by nature and I love including my husband in my creative endeavors. Head to your local craft store and grab a couple of canvases, paint and brushes. Of course I recommend grabbing your favorite bottle of wine and some tasty easy to make finger foods. Turn on your favorite music or your favorite show and paint something like a landscape or an abstract piece to compliment your living room or bedroom. Spark some fun conversation through digital card games and icebreakers. Have some laughs and enjoy getting creative and messy with your partner.

I hope these Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas are helpful to you. Please comment. below and tell me if you tried any of these and send me pictures. We will definitely incorporate 2-3 of these into our Valentines Day Celebration staying in edition.

Thanks for reading guys. Happy Valentines Day!