Shake It UP

Hi guys I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! Mine is kind of crazy its finals week but i'm hanging in there! So about this image! Have you already guessed who these pretty ladies are? If you guessed Zendaya and Bella from Disney Channels Shake it Up then you are correct! I love there style its so fresh and fun! My son and I watch the show everyday he loves the colors and the music plus he thinks cece's little brother is funny. (My son is only 13 months) I love that these girls are so free with there style and the fact that they are best friends in reality makes the show even more interesting because you get to see a little bit of truth through there acting which makes me reflect on what there real relationship must be like. Anyways I chose this photo because it was simple and they looked amazing! Zendaya with her flowing hair and bright smile and Bella with her hair up and that bright pink polka dot bow is just amazing. They inspire me to try things like glittery vests and yellow skinnies with an american flag top I just can't get enough of them! I also get a workout from dancing around with my son to there music!
Thanks for reading guys!