The Beauty of Natural

HI EVERYONE! I'm finally back and I am so excited to tell you that I am here to stay! To all of my new followers and viewers hello and thank you for keeping up with my work and for all of your comments! This is a piece dedicated to black history month and to all of the African American women that have decided tp take the journey into our past and uncover there roots! Truly amazing to acknowledge your natural hair for its honest beauty and grace! I have now joined this movement and I am amazed at the amount of women whom are embracing their beauty and the beauty of our ancestors. Heres a little something that I wrote for you guys:
Kinky, curly, nappy,
these are the textures of the african queens,
brown, tan, red, and chocolate,
these are the tones of the velvet skin,
nature infused growth of life,
from which we embody our inner expression,
bold, courageous, honest and pure,
these are the steps we take to becoming who we are,
women of different textures, tones, personalities, and lives,
embracing the roots of our pasts,
letting them flow free in the graces of our glory,
all natural