Who Am I?

I'm a 20 something year old creative entreprenuer! I created Poetically Illustrated in 2013 to share my art and pursue my dreams of becoming a full-time artist. My art focuses primarily on people of color! Currently my work is centered around women of color and promoting physical and mental health as well as self love and representation. I also love to help other artists on there journey to building a successful brand and business. My love for creating, and working to build an art business so that I can share my journey with other aspiring creators keeps me focused and excited to HUSTLE HARD everyday. My everyday motive is to make a difference by sharing my work and helping other artists and businesses  to success through my passion for sharing and creating!

The things you really need to know about me are:

I have a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art and have roughly 7 years of industry experience.

I’m a full-time artist, graphic and web designer, digital marketer.

I’m open for commissions.

I won’t let you down!

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