Defining Black. 

The Definition Series was created from a place of anger, feeling of wanting progression and justice. Black Woman was the first piece to be created in this collection. She was birthed during summer of 2016 as a result of the multiple protests, unjust killings and attacks of black men and women. So many people were quick to throw out what they believed we as black Americans deserved. Our culture is continuously stereotyped, judged and manipulated. So I began my definition series to give us a chance to define who we are on our own terms.



Strong, powerful,creative!

“I look at this series and think wow, how powerful, how creative, Thank you Destiney for creating a body of work which is so needed and deserved for your culture.”

— Keith R

Defining our royalty.

“I ordered prints of this collection because i love how the artist used text and portraiture to define our royalty. I feel celebrated.”

— Andrea S.

Black Excellence!

“I saw this collection at The Vanguard Art Show in Nashville. What an amazing body of work!  A beautiful portrayal of black excellence .”

— Timothy B.