"Yemoja" (Divinity of the Sea) Prints


"Yemoja" (Divinity of the Sea) Prints

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African Divine Mother Deity of Mankind

“Divinity of the Sea”

A presence as cold as ice but a soul as warm and pure as gold.

Confident, possessive, and strong.

These words define only a small piece of her.

She was created with layers.

Mother to all, and to all she is protective and giving.

Born with skin as rich and dark as the earth.

Hair as kinky and soft as the cotton her ancestors labored for.

She learned to carry the first layers because of her appearance.

The others formed from experiences.

To some she may seem angry or hostile.

But they don't understand her challenges.

To those who do not understand her.

She does not reveal herself.

Underneath her exterior,

lies something pure,

something rich,

something magical.

Even more beautiful than the goddess herself,

more valuable than money.

Her heART,

is a prize.




Acrylic Paint and Metals on Canvas

Size: 30in X 40in

sealed with high gloss resin

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