"Black Love" (The Definition Series)

Black Love-The Definiton Series-Destiney Powell.jpg
Black Love-The Definiton Series-Destiney Powell.jpg

"Black Love" (The Definition Series)

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Black Love

/'blak lev/

1. An intense feeling of deep affection between two people of African descent. 2. Suspected to be non existent due to the faulty perception of black families in society. 2. Scientific: original family, ones from which all life was created or evolved. 4. A commited partnership composed of lov, trust, loyalty, laughter, prayer, and support.

Synonyms: caring, deep affection for, adore, passion

Adjectives: strong, amorous, adoration, devotion, cherished, heartfelt 

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This piece was inspired by the definition above, and the creation of man and woman during the beginning of mankind. This piece is meant to inspire black culture to love the ethnicity and learn the beautiful stories of our heritage. Also to inspire all Kings and Queens to remember how strong and beautiful you are!

This piece comes with a card including the full definition of Black Love.