"Amethyst Beauty" Prints

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"Amethyst Beauty" Prints

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"Amethyst Beauty"


A stunning beauty with legendary powers to stimulate, soothe, and balance your mind and emotions.

Known as the " Gem of Fire", she signifies ecclesiastical dignity and faithful love. Exuding the energy of fire, passion, creativity, and spirituality, she awakens the third eye.

Whether her crystals are left natural, polished as tumble-stones or faceted into magnificent jewels, the "Amethyst Beauty" is a gem who transcends commonality.

She expands the higher mind with her intellect and presence, enhancing creativity and passion.

"Amethyst Beauty" the epitome of focus and success.


Amethyst Beauty

Satin and Metallic Acrylics on Canvas

Size 22x28 inches


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